Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Silver and Black 56' Chevy

This 1956 Chevy Bel Air 210 has been very well updated. This particular car has lots of power and performance. It has a 350 V8 cubic inch engine, 650 CFM carburetor, and Eldebrock aluminum intake. Not only does it have exhaust headers, aluminum radiator, and an 18 inch electric cooling fan, but an automatic turbo 400 transmission and dual stainless steel Flow Master 50 series mufflers. Front disc brakes and modern high energy ignition are also part of this ’56. Driving this car is an unbelievable experience! The car floats down the road as it should and it sounds like a hungry healthy animal out to ravage its next meal. Its power steering and air conditioning make the car comfortable to drive. The engine compartment is overflowing with chrome and is as clean as you’ll ever see. It has an immaculately clean undercarriage and there are no issues with leaks, gauges, hoses, belts, or wires. It comes customized with Goodyear Eagle tires and American Racing wheels.

The inside holds Stuart Warner temperature and oil gauges and a Jensen AM/FM CD player. Four Pioneer speakers give terrific sound quality. The front bench seat is adjustable for comfort. The two-toned silver and black paint looks great. The body is also in great shape as all panels are aligned and flush.

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